Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fire! Pretend of Course...

My son and I have been looking for firefighting adventures recently. Here's some of the adventures we've been creating:

  • I traced this image and then had my son glue small squares of tissue paper for the light, windows and wheels. Then I cut a pipe-cleaner and helped my son to glue the ladder pieces together. Just a quick fun project that helps him with finger coordination and learning about different art mediums.

  • Today I took a cardboard box and cut out some windows and slapped on a thin coat of black paint and added some red and yellow flames. We then got out all of N's firetrucks and played firemen. You can see a cat in one of the windows that is waiting to be rescued, then my son put him in the ambulance and took the cat away to the hospital. Kid's imaginations are so cute!

  • And while we are on the firefighting crafts subject...a year ago for my sons birthday, he had a firetruck party, so I made a firetruck from a box. Again, just some quick coats of paint and paper plates hot glued on to the side as the wheels. The kids had lots of fun riding in the firetruck. Oh, and don't forget the firetruck cake!


  1. I like the burning building/rescue site...very cute! I'm sure he had loads of fun. :-)

  2. Wonderful ideas for fire trucks! Looks like a lot of fun.



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