Saturday, April 30, 2011

How My Kids Get Their Greens

Some days it just doesn't work out, to where my kiddos are eating as much veggies as I would like them to. You know, the days where you eat waffles or oatmeal for dinner, 'cause it's just one of those days. But, one thing that helps me to not feel so guilty about the no-veggies-on-their-dinner-plate is their daily smoothie that I make for them. I have no recipe for this daily smoothie, it is whatever fruit I have on hand and feel like mixing together, plus a bit of juice, yogurt or frozen yogurt, and the all important green powder. I use a brand called Aloe Life Daily Greens which I buy online or sometimes at our local health food store. I like this powder since it states that it is safe for children and has 12 vegetables! It only adds a tiny hint of 'green' flavor to the smoothie, definitely not enough to make your kids say yuck!

I was seriously in need of going to the farmers market/grocery store as I had no milk, no yogurt, no fresh fruit (except the lovely oranges you see in the picture below), etc., so today I made the smoothie using frozen blueberries and frozen peach cubes that we pureed when the peaches were in season. Added a bit of orange juice, some vanilla frozen yogurt and the greens powder and then we have a tasty and super nutritious afternoon energy boost!
Mmmm...Baby J enjoying his daily smoothie!

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