Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toddler Fall Crafts

To teach my son about the changing of the seasons, we have been working on crafts together that highlight the main aspects of fall.

 This is our apple painting.  We took an apple, cut it in half and then dipped it in paint and then we added the stem with a paintbrush.

This leaf mobile looks delightful outside when there's a nice breeze to blow the leaves.  Super easy to make, just hot glue the craft sticks together and then hot glue strings to each end of the sticks. We used fake leaves of course so the mobile will last!

Finally, we went for a walk to find the few fall leaves that we could muster up, since where we live, we don't have many leaves that change color.  Thankfully, the liquid amber tree produced some pretty leaves for us! To preserve these neat leaves, we placed them on a sheet of construction paper and cut out Con-Tact paper to match the size of the construction paper and placed it over the leaves.

These are just a few simple little projects to engage the little ones in learning activities.  We've also read a couple of books that relate to autumn. Four Seasons by Stan and Jan Berenstain and How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro are good toddler reads.


  1. Thank you for sharing your project ideas :)

  2. I thought your apple painting looked like pumpkins, so doubly Fall themed! LOL

    Some lovely ideas :)

  3. Beautiful! I can't get enough of autumn crafts - my favourite time of year. Thanks so much for sharing with our Play Academy - hope you'll stop by this Friday too. Cathy x



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