Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Went Shopping....Frugal Friday Tips!

Ahh...the rush that comes from getting a good deal when shopping. Why do us women succumb to it?

I don't believe it is wise to have a lot of credit cards, but there can be times when opening one at a store that you frequent a lot can actually provide you with some great savings. I have cards at Kohls and Old Navy because I can purchase clothes for the whole family from these two places, along with some great thrift store items that I find also. With the Old Navy credit card, they occasionally send me $10 or $20 rewards cards after I've accumulated enough points, and I got one in the mail today, right when they are having a fabulous sale! Knowing when the stores change out their seasonal items is key to nabbing some amazing deals. Since Memorial Day is almost here, the stores are now looking to clearance out all their spring items to make way for their summer gear.  I was also picking up a few essentials at Wal-Mart and noticed that they had their spring items on clearance too. Notice the cute white basket for $2.50!

So, here's the run-down on the deals I got today at Old Navy:
Espadrilles - $6.75 each (two pairs - one to give to my darling sister!)
3 Boys T-shirts - $2 each
Plus - $20 rewards card = Entire shopping trip FREE!

I could have even stocked up more on other items, but I was in a bit of a rush, so I didn't get to browse as much as I would have liked.

See, shopping doesn't always have to cost you money! :)

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