Thursday, October 7, 2010

If You Give A Boy Some Water...

If you were wondering where I've been these last couple of days, I've just been a little busy with my two active little boys.  Yesterday was quite comical actually, so I thought I would share with you a little portion of my day.

If you've never read the children's books If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, If You Take a Mouse to School or If You Give a Pig a Pancake, they are all humorous books about a series of events that happens once you give the animal what they want, then they keep asking for more things. Well, the series of events part is what was so humorous about my day yesterday.

I was washing my hands in the bathroom sink and my older son asks if he can wash his hands too. So, I start to fill up the sink a little bit and turn around to discover my baby son is standing at the toilet trying to put his hands in. I pick him up, turn around to discover the sink is nearly full and my other son has his arms in the water with his sweatshirt sleeves completely wet. As I attempt to pull the drain plug, it breaks. I send both kids out of the bathroom, change my sons shirt and now that the rain has stopped, decide to go outside with them. They are both crying now since baby wanted to play at the toilet and older son wanted to play in the sink. :) Outside, my baby son is standing at the sandbox (he wants to stand up on everything and anything, including using my hair to do so) and I am right there with him, but the split second I look over to my older son, the baby puts sand in his mouth. Sigh, go inside, wash the mouth out at the sink again.  It may not sound that comical when reading it, but it felt like a circus!

Anyways, I hope I have given you a moment of humor!


  1. It's good to see the humor in the crazy days! :-)

  2. We have to find humor in these things right?! I have sooo been there, sister!

  3. Found you via Blogging'Bout Boys. I also have 3 sons, though older. I remember those days. So much fun.

  4. Very familiar with the feeling. My boys keep me running in circles most days.

    Following you from Friday Blog Hop. Hope you can stop by and say hello at




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