Sunday, October 3, 2010


My youngest son recently discovered that he now knows how to crawl through his big brother's tunnel.  Boy, did that make him super happy!
Because it is so joyful, I entered this photo in the Aspire Photo Challenge.


  1. How sweet! His expression made me smile.

  2. Hi! That picture is so sweet! That is an amazing time I remember when the little ones following the olders had that moment of insight! I did want to check back with you. You won the giveaway, i received a comment from your sister and visited you blog and see i have a message, idea how to retrieve it! lol! you can message me at with your contact info :) looking forward to you guys receiving your giveaway prizes.

  3. How adorable! He is such a little cutie!!

  4. How precious! So sweet! Thanks for joining the Faithful Friday Followers today. Have a great weekend!



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